Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Natural Healing for Eating Disorders

Both men and women can be afflicted with eating disorders. Those disorders can be either for over-eating, or lack thereof -- as is the case with anorexia. These are serious diseases that can lead to lifelong health problems or premature death -- if not treated.

There does exist a myriad of treatments for said diseases though, and since the diseases are based in one's psychology, most of the treatments are natural and may not require drugs or prescriptions. However, if there are underlying issues that are either causing the eating disorder or supporting it, then antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications may be suggested.

New Dawn Recovery Center is an eating disorder center in California that treats both eating disorders and underlying issues through their dual diagnosis residential treatment programs. Understanding the need for flexible treatment options for varying levels and different types of the disease, New Dawn hosts numerous different program options to ensure that their patients get the correct type of care and their healing is guided in a manner that ensures success for all patients.

For a list of program options, or more information on the recovery process, visit the official website at:

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